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Our Recruitment services

Employee placement

As part of the placement services, we provide a mediation service between the employer and the candidate, which includes: 

Sorting and in-depth interview with the candidates, linking and coordinating a frontal interview between the candidates and the employer, according to the job profile.

The recruited candidate is an organic employee of the company and the employer-employee relationship will apply between the employer and the employee. The Names Vine will take part in accompanying the employee absorption and a warranty period is given to ensure compliance

Personnel employment services

As part of the transaction services, we locate, sort and interview candidates according to the client's criteria. After an interview process with the employer, the employee is employed  By Geffen Hasamot : his salary, his terms and reporting to the authorities. This service

Consumed most often when a customer is interested in employing an employee for a fixed period of time, as a condition before admission to the company or when there is no open standard

Services Outsourcing 

We offer a wide range of solutions for organizations in managing internal recruitment processes. As part of the service, recruitment services and human resources will be provided by a talented coordinator on behalf of Geffen Names with the option of being placed in the client's home along with the extensive pool of employees behind it and Geffen Names' recruitment systems. Option for a temporary or long-term project

customers recommend

" I have been working with Geffen Hasamot for some time, during which we have recruited for a very wide range of jobs - from manufacturing jobs to quality assurance jobs, information systems and managerial jobs.

It is important for me to commend the professional team of coordinators who do their job thoroughly, meticulously, dedicated and always pleasant! Highly recommend. " Michal, Head of HR, PRIOR.

" We are a 3.5-year-old start-up company founded at the Technion.

With the construction of the HR and recruitment department we were looking for a collaborative placement company that would understand our uniqueness and that of our corporate culture, find employees who share our vision to make the world greener and strive for innovation and excellence.

The connection with Geffen Hasamot and their team was instant! They are wonderful, attentive and the interaction is always pleasant and professional. " Noa Bentor, Head of HR, H2PRO.

" Working with the Gefen team is a joy! They are professional, pleasant, attentive to my personal needs, thorough and have brought my company great success! " Sarah Barak, Kadimastem.

What is special about us?

We are a professional and experienced boutique company for recruitment and placement that advocates a personal, professional and reliable attitude while emphasizing the accuracy of the candidates. Quality and not quantity.

We have expertise in LinkedIn recruitments in the field of biotech, high-tech and overseas recruitments, industry, finance, the world of e-commerce and senior recruitment. We are also accurate in the most challenging and complex jobs and expertise in personal diagnosis.

After years of specialization and experience in the field, we realized that the most important thing in the world of recruitment is

Finding the most suitable employee, in the shortest time

And this is our specialty.


  To be precise in finding the right employees we come to the client's home, study the work environment and build, if necessary, in full cooperation the required job profile.  

After understanding the role correctly, we interview and locate the right employees with the help of a wide and diverse pool of employees and extensive experience in conducting personal and professional in-depth interviews.

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